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Friday, 30 October 2009

Everybody will funk out at Copenhagen

The party games that have been played out in the EU Heads Of Government meeting this past two days have been more obviously silly that usual, because the poor mutts have allowed themselves to indulge in a mood of euphoria that at last the Lisbon Fudge is to be ratified. They went on to create a new mess of sugary fudge by agreeing that Europe should pay heavily to encouraging other parts of the world to tackle climate change; while funking which country shall pay how much.
Nobody can be held responsible for any policy failure after the final ratification, because nobody will 'own' any policy: EU Directives will set the context - and nobody is ever responsible for a Directive - and policies within states will be constrained or overruled by Directives. So the bully-politicos who are becoming the 'natural party of government' in each country will push through whatever seems to them to serve their blairite best advantage, without constraint or potent public inquiry. Nobody can remember when EU accounts were last signed-off by the auditors; and now the girls and boys on the inside track in each member state can tell the people below them that any abuse of pwer was sanctioned by Brussels: knowing that the people above them don't dare to rock the boat.
The extent of humanity's responsibility for climate change will increasingly be disputed as the economic constraints tighten: both by those who don't want to pay for mitigation and by the increasing minority of literates who are becoming influenced by the deniers of anthropogenic causation. The fact of climate change looks set to continue; and two more countries this week have issued dire warnings to their seaside populations that they may have to evacuate their homes within this generation. Prevention of an ultimate crisis must focus on what humanity can do to mitigate climate change on a global scale. This will probably entail huge climate-influencing public works that will try to change the behaviour of the oceans, and devices to control the penetration  of solar radiation to the atmosphere and to the suface of out planet.The concentration of green campaigners - and tax-collectors - on 'greenhouse gas emissions' is bizarrely unhelpful: that whole argument assumes that - this time - the single cause of the phenomenon [which has occurred many times in world history] is the human economy.
Solutions that could 'work' to save human life on the planet would overcome CO2 impacts and yet correct for global warming that might emanate from astronomical and geotechnical forces that our science has not yet analysed adequately. In the arrogantly depressing tradition of the Puritans and the Marxists, the Greens would impose high taxes and low living standards on most people in  what have been the advanced economies; while tolerating the possible starvation of 'overexpanded' populations within the emergent countries where population growth has become rampant,
No wonder the politicos are backing off from any draconian proposal to spend hugely [from resources they do not have] that would [at best] deal naively with a problem which none of them could explain.
Back to Al Gore!

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