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Monday, 7 December 2009

The really significant [very bad] news of the week

This week, Her Majesty's Government in the United Kingdom will demonstrate that it has learned nothing of real significance in all the thirteen wasted years since they came to power.
The Thatcherite idiocy of selling-off what used to be the world's greatest concentration of high-grade intellectual property will continue, with the invitation to bid for the Metereorological Office, the Ordnance Survey and other scientific foci in which Britain has been a global leader since the respective sciences were first delineated.
Although these agencies have been denied much of the investment that could have improved them even further over the past three decades, they remain innovative and respected by their few peers. As has happened with other already-sold-off intellectual property, the key assets will quickly pass into alien ownership, so that the earnings from the existing investment - together with all the new output that will come from future investment - will pass away from the United Kingdom. The profits that should come to British taxpayers will go to the new shareholders; while the price for which the agencies are sold will simply be swallowed up in the black hole of the government's deficit.

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