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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Hold on, Slovakia

The Slovak parliament yesterday declined to be bullied by the Brussels eurorats into committing a sum equal to a whole year's budget to the initial rescue fund for Greece. There will now be immense bribery, bullying and propaganda to force a reversal of that decision: thus reaffirming the profound hatred of the rats for democracy and national sovereignty.

Every politically-aware European knows that the initial fund [if it is approved] is already insufficient, and much larger contributions are already being computed. It is also recognised that such a fund could only be managed by a eurozone Treasury: removing financial sovereignty from the member states. The Slovaks have only had their own state since 1993, and [despite many frictions] their economic progress has been spectacular. They have every reason to be proud of their economy, yet their standard of living is still far below that of the Greeks: they have every right to decline to be milked to subsidise wastrels and liars.

Eurorats and most members of the European Parliament [who 'go native' very quickly] will deplore the 'inflamatory' language in this blog, if it comes to their attention. But it is important that the strength of feeling is understood: merely trying to suppress it and to deny it exposure in the media will briefly drive it underground - only to emerge in ugly rightist movements.

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