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Saturday, 11 August 2012

Take Away from Zero......

Britain [along with other countries in the EU] has recorded zero economic growth in the current year. This is nothing unusual for a declining economy, especially one that remains subject to a political delusion that has prevailed for more than half a century, and to fundamentally misdirected economics that have been departing from reality for almost a centuryand a half.

Politicians bicker about details and score points off each other, to the increasing frustration and disgust from a populace that has lost confidence in the political class which despises all life outside the Westminster bubble. There is a great deal of talk about rebuilding and refocussing the economy, with no comprehension of the real issues that are involved. Scots are being diverted by the ambitions of a small clique of Scottish Nationalists, which is temporarily attractive to those who find it a sort of antidote to Westminster politics.

Britain still has huge capabilities and resources; but the present government - like all its predecessors since 1956 - still pursues policies which are destructive of wealth and enterprise. The massive 'scheme of socialism' that has almost-completely segregated the receipt of income from the mental and physical effort that is needed to drive and serve an economy is being strengthened rather than challenged in principle. Investment in new enterprise is at an unprecedented low. And governments are 'investing' heavily in windmills, and encouraging electricity generators to burn 'biofuel' in conditions where the inefficency of windmills can no longer be concealed [even before metal fatigue and exhaustion of parts begins to drive costs still higher] and where the improbability that the world can both feed people and burn crops is rapidly becoming a well-evidenced certainty. Windmills also demand a massive subsidy in the form of higher priced power to consumers whose living standards are threatened in many ways.

It is readily possible to turn zero into minus one, or even minus ten per cent, economic growth. the government seems hell-bent on doing this. Of course the politicians will deny this: as the church denied that the earth was a sphere while every king and emperor carried an orb, to symbolise power in the 'round world', as their ancestors had done for centuries. Official 'truth' and the actual truth are segregated by the mass of people, as happened under totalitarian regimes in the last century where the state's official line were heared with winks, nods and inner despair. The British political class does not have the resources either of police or of local party-political supporters to establish thought-control, even in a sense of superficial conformity. Challenges to official idiocy will increase, too quickly for a failed democracy to manage them. There is trouble ahead.....

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