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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Steady Markets, Confident Bookies

An Irish associate assured me yesterday that her countrymen were confidently expecting that a 'silent majority' of Scots would vote NO tomorrow. Financial markets show only slight unease at the prospect of a YES; and one bookie claims already to have made some payments on the assumption of a NO vote.

One issue that still concerns people is that intimidation has been rife already, almost entirely by the YES camp. There are fears that this will continue actually at the polling stations, to which pro-independence parades are anticipated. If that happens, one must hope that the police do not turn a blind eye; as the racially-biased pro-Asian police reputedly did in Tower Hamlets during the recent local election.

The depths of the 'institutional racism' of the South Yorkshire police, exemplified in the child-sex scandal, is probably replicated in thirty towns and cities across England. It has not yet been reported from Scotland, so their force may creditably be clean. Let us hope that they maintain their reputation tomorrow

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