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Saturday, 3 January 2015

Sinking Britain

Last year, I made a serious mistake.

Under the title SINKING BRITAIN I published a e-book that brought together my polemical history of the mismanagement of the British economy since 1945 and my own explanation of how a modern economy works.

The result was confusion: an indigestible and largely unreadable concoction. Kind friends made this clear, in the nicest possible way; and I cottoned-on quickly. I then spent several months carefully separating and then reconstructing the two strands as separate texts.

The simple history has now been published, as a slimmed-down SINKING BRITAIN.

The text that is the more important to me - my exposition of the basic structure of Political Economy - is now being edited for publication as BLEAKONOMICS. It will be out soon.

Meanwhile Master T Pickety has refused the Legion of Honour on the grounds that the President of France should be focussed on the redistribution of wealth rather than engaging with fripperies and baubles; and David Cameron has launched a Tory election poster that is the height of complacent mendacity. So the world has begun 2015 exactly as it ended 2014, and the sense that nothing is new pervades public life and business.

I am genuinely hoping to shake things up with BLEAKONOMICS: we shall see!

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