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Sunday, 30 April 2017

Theresa the Obscure

Our Prime Minister seems to be under the delusion that she can con all of the people all of the time until the coming election. She has revealed nothing of her plan for negotiating with the European Union on our country's exit from that corrupt and - now, apparently - vindictive club.

She has offered no indication of the Treasury's estimate of what would be a fair exit price; yet such a computation must, by now, exist. It would be sensible for her to indicate how far she would be prepared to flex that sum in order to end that potentially tedious technical discussion quickly.

More importantly, apart from indicating that there are 'red lines' in the areas of immigration and the restoration of all UK courts to national sovereignty, she has shared nothing of materiality with those whom she is asking to vote for her. Amid a cacophony of trivial noise, it appears that she still wants to count international students as 'immigrants', which would be devastating to several good universities as well as to some of the institutions of low-level aspiration that should never have been designated as universities. The devastation would not just be financial, but would greatly impoverish their access to talent and the positive aspects of their diversity.

The EU has made it clear that they want the UK to concede that European courts could rule on cases involving EU citizens in the UK indefinitely: there is a short answer to that "Rule away, but no British court will enforce alien law in the United Kingdom." Mrs May has offered no significant guidance on this point: or any other.

These are just two items in a long list, where the Cabinet's thinking - it it exists - should be shared with the electorate. We should repose no confidence in obscure hints, and put no trust at all in anybody who promises 'strong leadership' into a black hole..

I am going to buy a lottery ticket this week, in the hope of winning enough money to mount a national campaign advising my fellow citizens not to vote for 'the woman with the back box in the place of an explicit policy' - or maybe she's the woman with the blank mind?

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