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Friday, 11 August 2017

Settlement, Colonisation and Exploitation

The recently-concluded trial of several men in Northumbria for sexually exploiting children and young women has been recognised as a representative case of a type that has arisen in several English towns and cities. Muslim clerics have been among those who have recently made statements to the effect that here is a pattern of behaviour that is unacceptable in modern Britain. Women of indigenous British origin are first classified as being beneath the contempt of Muslim men, and once the whole female population has been condemned to a less-than-equal status, weak individuals within the category can be selected for sub-human exploitation.

It is notable that the so-called Islamic State has also classified the women of some non-Islamic tribes and religions as worthy of enslavement and concubinage; and it can be noted that this behaviour is of much more recent origin than the exploitation of girls in Rotherham and other places in England. The Nazis exploited Jewish women as "field whores" for the army; as did the Japanese Empire with Korean "comfort women". Thus it can be emphasised that nothing in this piece assumes that the cases in the UK over the past two decades  [many of which have not yet been brought to the courts, and some may never properly be pursued] are a particular aberration of British Muslims. It is a tragically recurrent theme in human history; but its recent appearance in the United Kingdom merits attention against the broad sweep of history.

One of the major achievements of the nineteenth century Factory Acts was to ensure [eventually] that children were not unduly exploited in the workplace. A feature that is less well-remembered is that overnight working by women was banned from the factories and workshops, where there had been cases of extreme intimidation and bullying as well as sexual aggression. That provision against women working at night continued after the Second World War, and it is firmly embedded in my memory that as the Lancashire cotton industry collapsed in the later nineteen-fifties, some of the more successful firms decided to expand production by 24-hour working, In the absence of an available male workforce, some of the mills began recruiting Commonwealth citizens, mostly from the Indian sub-continent. In the first instance the men came alone: only later did they bring their wives [or import their brides]. Then there developed a pattern of settlement, whereby as the native Brits withdrew from the terraced houses where their forebears had lived while they were in the mills, abundant cheap housing was available for more immigrants to occupy. Ethnic sub-groups attracted their families into the areas where they were becoming settled, and eventually colonies of like-minded people created mutually self-reinforcing communities who became big enough for ethnic food, dress and religious traditions to become installed. Settlements had become colonies; and just as the British and the French had tried to establish settlements in the territories that they occupied, so these mainly-Islamic groups did in the UK and in the French Faubourgs. Some of the European colonies - especially in Africa - have been eradicated, or eroded, Algeria is no longer part of France, but there is a huge swathe of Africa where the language of education and commerce is French. Robert Mugabe is progressing his plan to eradicate the British-descended settlers from Zimbabwe; but English will remain the language of trade and teaching. Further south, there are members of the ANC would would like to deal with white South Africans as Mugabe has done with those who called themselves Rhodesians.

The tragedy of the British towns and cities is that immigrant colonies based on religious, ethnic and cultural similarities have been allowed - in some cases, encouraged - to regard themselves as distinct from the rest of society, protected by the concept of 'diversity' and by the pressure within the police force to eschew 'racism'. This has ensured that most of the colonists have been exempt from the application of the law and the prosecution of crime as they are applied to the indigenous British [and to the Afro-British population, where matters like stop-and-search have become extremely sensitive].

Minorities of the colonists have developed into exploiters. They have formed moralistically reinforced views on the degeneracy of British society, and twisted the outcome into a licence to treat weak and ignorant individuals from outside the colony as fair game for any sort of exploitation.

Add to that mix the option for any colonist also to decide to embrace a violent Jihadist interpretation of the prevalent religion [usually to the horror of their family and friends, whose lives can be endangered along with those of the targeted group] and we have the situation that Lord Evans has predicted will lead to a supply a Jihadist recruits from the colonies for at least two decades to come.

The situation must be recognised and understood as it is, before either the specifics of the protection of minors from the 'host population' or the roots of Jihadism can be tackled. No government willed it to turn out this way, but a mixture of past affluence and constant concession to the racism of the colonists has created a mess that must now be resolved.

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