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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Classic Cocking Up

Now a turn-up for the books! No serious commentator thought that Greece would ever be able to squeeze living standards cruelly at the behest of the EU - and of Germany, in particular [as displayed in the viciously silly 'Nazi' propaganda]. Nobody could say exactly how the impossibility would be articulated. Now we know!

In a brilliant piece of intuitive populism, the Greek government has opted for a referendum. This will enable the vast majority of the population to refuse to give effect to the EU requirements. The country will have to default on its public debt, and drop out of the Eurozone. Within the zone, all hands will turn to preventing contagion from running to Italy: 'the markets' will not focus on Spain or Portugal, but go for the big scalp. The EU and the Eurozone should be able to defeat the markets if they really summon up the will and exercise the relative power of governments. More of that in the coming days.

As far as the Greeks are concerned, they will be on their own: presumably within the EU on a similar footing to Romania [unless they opt out, which is unlikely]. They will be subject to the Laws of Political Economy, which few [if any] of their Economists understand. The experience will be painful.If any reader wants to get ahead of the game, and learn the Laws, link to Personal Political Economy via this site.

Saint Paul's Cathedral
has now endured all the reputational risk that is available in the present incident: so the only sensible course is to achieve the removal of the 'protesters' and the attendant mob within a few days. The incident will then be a single event in the popular memory, over and done with [ideally] in three weeks.

Then the toil will begin.

The Bishop has taken charge of the cathedral, and has indicated that his priority will be to restore the church's role as the leading commentator and preacher on Ethics in business and public life: as Dean Inge was in Saint Paul's pulpit in the interwar years, when he became a nationally known irritant to the powerful and complacent. His books of sermons and his essays sold hundreds of thousands of copies.

This prophetic reality will not be achieved quickly: it will take the cathedral years to recover from its concentration on magnificent services and raising tens of millions of pounds for a magical restoration. The Bishop has a formidable intellect and a great presence: but even his abilities [as well as his time] will be stretched, and he must stay the course in his new leadership role.

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