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Friday, 30 March 2012

Colonists Smash Consensus

George Galloway, a former Labour member of the British parliament, has spend the past decade establishing his new Respect party which seeks pacifist and Muslim votes against wars on Islamic countries. He won an election in east London but left the seat to be retaken by Labour in 2010 when a majority of his Bengali supporters were snatched back to their former voting pattern by the complex of tribal networks to which they are susceptible. Galloway transferred his primary efforts to the ethnically different people from the northern parts of the Indian sub-continent who have colonised the former mill towns on both sides of the Pennines. There is a good chance that those populations will be less amenable to recapture by Labour. While the voting in recent by-elections has been only 30% of the roll, yesterday in Bradford West 51% turned out. In round numbers, 18,000 voted for Galloway, 8,000 for the [Asian] Labour candidate, 2,000 for the Conservatives and 1,000 for the LibDems: Galloway's vote exceeded that of all the established parties altogether.

The political class will spend the next week pretending that the Bradford by-Election result that was announced announced this morning was utterly unimportant. In a couple of weeks, when their pollsters and focus-group technicians report back on the new questions [those their masters had not cared to ask previously] that are raised by the Galloway result, they will find that there is elation among the mass of immigrants who voted for Galloway feeling that they have been patronised and mollified with benefits for decades. They will also report new pressure on the Asians who remained Labour voters to reconsider their position, and despair among the ethnic British who have been coaxed and bullied by patronising politicians who have suppressed discussion about immigration and the benefits bonanza.

These are not trends that the government are capable of understanding. The leading cabinet ministers simply do now know that in addition to the massive Greggs chain of bakers' shops is a mass of well-loved local bakeries and well-used garage forecourts where hot pies and pasties have for generations provided modest refreshment for millions. They are uncomprehending of the fuss that has been created by their decison to levy Value-Added-Tax of 20% to the prices of hot pies and pasties. They have no comprehension of the social structure and daily habits of their fellow-countrymen. There may well be some 'sleeper' in the Treasury who advocated the pasty-tax in full awareness of the probable impact on the popular press and the mass of voters. The nauseating scene of Gordon Brown's mass welcome to the Treasury by its Grauniadista denizens should have been sufficient warning for the Tories when they returned in 2010 to beware of a coven of socialists. But the major political issue is the incomprehension of the future Sir George Osborne Bt, the craven eurorat Clegg  and the Etonian Prime Minister. The pasty tax had no influence on the Bradford West election: but it did enhance the gulf between the government and the people; which is a completely outre way was also George Galloway's charge against the political establishment.

The Labour opposition is almost equally composed of 'intellectual' life-long would-be politicians, most of whom are as remote from the mass of the electorate as the similarly clad people on the government benches. They go through puerile rituals to make themselves seem - in their own conceits - to have speech patterns not unlike some of the lower orders; but examples like the fake-fishwife utterances of a shadow treasury minister [who spent years as a Bank of England official] produce only ridicule. Those like the Labour leader, Ed Milliband, who cannot even affect working-class accents equally fail to display the sort of articulateness that makes Galloway so devastating.

Galloway has exposed eighteen thousand of a million-plus Asian Muslims in Britain to the euphoria of defeating the political establishment. There are at least fifty seats that could fall to the Respect Party unless the indigenous British, with Hindus, Sikhs, Afros and EU immigrants can unite in voting for single candidates: the emergence of another party or network, with the primary object of stopping Respect, is highly probable.Unable to influence Respect, the established parties would bend all their efforts to denigrating and obstructing that new movement; with the result that in some places the new group will fail and in other places the established parties will be eliminated.

British politics suddenly got more exciting, more dangerous, and more likely to be followed by increasing cohorts of Islamic colonists and by those who become scared by the Muslims' new militancy all over Europe.

Nobody predicted this: one can search in vain for any hint in the press [up to and including early editions of March 30 newspapers] that Galloway's victory was even a remote possibility. I was not even aware that he was a candidate. But I live in the parliamentary constituency for which he formerly sat as MP: I recognise his intellect, his speaking ability and his political agility. He has changed British and world politics, and anyone who tries to ignore the fact will come to rue that day.

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