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Saturday, 4 October 2014

And Clegg Joins In...

Even before their conference begins, the Liberal Democrats have begun to set out spending plans in excess of the present level of state overspending. So now all the 'conventional' parties have demonstrated that they have learned nothing from the nation's experience over two generations.

The Guardian - which the BBC always calls "The Guardian Newspaper" to assert the pinko delusion that it is capable of objectivity - has already declared that although there is a general view among the electorate that the Lib-Dems face wipe-out in the coming General Election the nation really needs this parcel of deluded verbalisers as an integral part of political life.

In order to get a whif of office, they ditched their solemnly signed promise on student fees; and thereby alienated a generation of potential supporters. Then in office they have achieved nothing of significance: and a lot to foster the general disillusion with politics and politicians:-
* Clegg produced a proposal to reform the House of Lords that was so sublimely silly that it was  killed quickly; thus ensuring that the hereditary peers will survive into the next Parliament and that small rotten boroughs - especially in Scotland - will continue to be over-represented in the Commons.
* Cable - the one star in the party - has said a lot of good things and achieved spectacularly little at  the dear old Board of Trade.
* Hughes stayed out of office until the very last moment, when he recognised that he'd never be a    minister unless he joined in; then he became a totally conventional law officer.
* Alexander served as a loyal number two to Gideon Osborne: enough said!
* The other one to head a major ministry, the Energy Secretary whose name and picture remain  unknown to the general population, managed to avoid the major investment that was needed to  compensate for the over-hasty commitment of the Blair-Brown governments to shut down coal-fired  power stations. From the depths of recession until the development of the looming public-spending squeeze he piled agony on consumers - now and in future generations - by taxing energy supplies with generous subsidies to the operators of inefficient and unnecessary windmills.

The Liberal Democrats deserve what is coming to them in the election: it will give the depressed voters the one thing that they can gloat about!

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