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Monday, 27 October 2014

Scruffy Politics

BBC Radio 4 carried yesterday [October 26] a Profile or Sir Andrew - soon to be Lord - Green, a co-founder of Migration Watch.

The programme was concerned both with the man's character - obviously impeccable - and a  widespread concern about large numbers of NON-EUROPEAN immigrants who are increasingly disinclined to assimilate to the British Democratic way of life. No concern at all was expressed about a 'flood' of EU migrants 'swamping' towns in the UK.

Politicians of all parties appear to be desperately anxious to focus on the NUMBER of European migrants; and to pretend that this numerical issue - and not the formation of ghettoes by determined aliens - is the matter of concern that voters place high on their list of concerns.

We have been shown with dramatic clarity that local government and the police concealed appalling crimes in order to avoid being seen as 'racist' or risking undermining 'multiculturalism'. The silence from the front benches of both houses of parliament on this deep issue is remarkable. Unless it is addressed properly and frankly, it will eventually explode.

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