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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Everybody Knows; But Doesn't Wish to Know

Cameron of the Bullingdon Club has been peddling his spiffing idea for a few weeks now. If you focus the national concern about immigration on the number of EU migrants, you may divert the attention of the nation from the reality that they all know; but do not wish to accept that they know. By placing the argument on completely false ground the Prime Minister has sown a wind that will soon return as a whirlwind.

The facts are that at least 80% of recent European immigrants are in work; while 67% of the adults of Pakistani 'heritage' and 69.5% of those from Bengali 'heritage' are economically INACTIVE; i.e. they are not in employment. The amount of taxes that those people pay, as a ratio of the benefits and state services they receive, is negligible.

Will the politicians please explain how this has happened? Do they think anything should be done about it? Can anything be done?

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