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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Pathetic Politicians

Cowardy Custard Clegg was reported in today's Times to have gone to ground, unable to make any response to the humiliation of the LibDem candidate in the Rochester and Strood by-election. The LibDems have been in cahoots with Cameron's Tories for the best part of five years: and nobody is grateful for those policy modifications that the LibDems claim to have influenced.

One of Clegg's legacies for the next parliament is the gross over-representation of Scotland in the House of Commons. The Tories were prepared to tackle this, but after Clegg's idiotic proposals for the House of Lords were necessarily abandoned he played dog-in-the-manger on reform of the Commons. Hence the odds are becoming heavily stacked in favour of the ScotNats becoming a bigger faction in the Commons than any LibDems who may secure an election success in May next. This will be a significant contribution to the ungovernability of the Kingdom, going forward.

Meanwhile Gideon Osborne has abandoned his 'campaign' to insert some sense into the EU policy on bankers' pay. He played by the EU rules - a worrying indication of how little Cameron will be able to achieve in any 'renegotiation' of Britain's submission to the Union - and was rapped on the knuckles for his impertinence. It is agonisingly apparent that the continentals fail to comprehend the international financial business, and that they have made the rules on the squidgy foundation of complete ignorance. They say "you can pay bankers as much salary as you may choose; but can only give them a maximum bonus of 100% of salary". The fact that 'bankers' have in many cases been paid a commission for turnover under the nomenclature of a 'bonus' has passed the stiff-necked boneheads by. The adventurous areas of the business will wander off from London [where most of them were created] to New York, Singapore, Hong Kong and [soon] Shanghai and Bombay; and the traders and algorithm-creators will go too. Britain's balance of payments, and the income-tax take, and the VAT on luxury purchases will all be lost to the UK. This process will inexorably be in train even before Cameron MIGHT have a chance of starting a re-negotiation IF he is able to form a government.

Disaster looms: and Cameron's repeated declarations that only a government led by him can give the UK a new relationship with 'Europe' ring more hollowly at every repetition.


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