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Friday, 7 November 2014

This could be alarming news...

There is some hope that the LibDems will be wiped out in the forthcoming General  Election; but it cannot be replied upon as the possible outomes cover a wide range.

Thus two related items of today's news come together scarily. One is the suggestion that the surviving  LibDem MPs will demand as part of their terms for entering into any coalition that they have complete control of a list of Departments of State. One of those departments is Energy and Climate Change - which has a LibDem incumbent now. Yesterday the Secretary of State, Ed Davey, said that the average subsidy that households will have to pay for 'green' energy programmes [plus a small amount to subsidise social tariffs] will rise from £27 per household now to £58 in 2020. One can expect that the actual sum will be more; and that this will not be matched by any real increase in average household incomes. So standards of living will be driven down to pursue those policies, if the Libdems have a say in this.

When Labour was last in power, Ed Milliband [now the leader] was the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change and he set many of the policies which the coalition have pursued by default. So we can not hope for much change out of him. Tories hint that they will somehow mitigate the impact, if they have any share of power; but the credibility of all Tory policies on matters economic is stretched to breaking point.

The absence of coherent economic and social policies right across the narrow spectrum of Britain politics is frightening.

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