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Sunday, 2 November 2014

The Season of Mellow Fruitfulness

Welcome to November!

The UK had its warmest-ever recorded temperature on October 31 - All Hallows Eve [Hallowe'en] - and on cue the UN 'experts' on Climate Change are about to deliver their newest and most extreme warning about climate change on the earth. They are set to say that unless the population of the planet is taxed with higher energy prices, and higher taxes to subsidise energy costs [and thus try to con people that they are not paying as much for energy as they will be compelled to do] climate change generated by humans will become irreversible.

All that the scientific experts need to do is write the declaration. They leave it to despised ragbag politicians - acting on the advice of discredited economists - to enforce their prescription on the people. Welcome to the future! Welcome to the reversal of economic growth in China, India and Africa!

Spend an hour looking at the fascinating data on climate change on earth, and on other planets, that are plentifully available on the Web. And then see how how much convinced you are personally that these scientists have got the correct analysis. One does not need to consider the personal integrity of commitment of the scientists: they are in the position of anyone who has been elevated to the role of Advisor to a ruler among men and women. Proximity to power always goes to the heads of intellectuals; but it does not confer authority on them. It may foster the formation and extension of delusions.

These are big and important matters: think for yourself!

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