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Friday, 24 March 2017

All change: or maybe not?

My webmasters are hoping to revamp the presentation of this blog as part of a new presentation of my ideas as I enter a new phase of trying to attract a wide audience to my ideas.

This is not mere egotism. I think it is important that hegemonic intellectual empires are challenged; and none deserves this sort of attack more than does Economics.

I have recently drawn attention to the bold work of the Manchester students who have produced the book on the ECONOCRACY that deserves far more attention than it has yet had. They estimate that ten thousand students every year are being required to accept and repeat dogmatic nonsense in their examinations, in order to qualify as 'economists' who are not equipped to understand the realities of the world that they live in.

Other people - including most politicians - assume that Economists are a sort of scientists, who possess valid expert understanding of the economy and thus the competence to make recommendations both for public policy and how individuals should manage their own affairs.

The whole burden of my recent book: NO CONFIDENCE: The Brexit Vote and Economics: is to show that Economists are very far away from valid scientists.

The vast majority of the Economics establishment grossly over-reached themselves in their support for 'operation fear' during the Brexit referendum campaign, but they remain arrogant and defiant. It could be a Herculean task to break their hold on their sphere of influence: or it could be that, like the Soviet Union, the Berlin wall and The Liberal Democrats in 2015, their obsolescence will be self-evident and definitive. To make a modest contribution to such an outcome is my highest ambition.

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