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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

If it's Wednesday, this must be Scotland

Today it is a racing certainty that the Scottish Parliament will vote in favour of another referendum on independence; knowing that the UK government will declare that this is not the time for such a digression. It is likely that a referendum will be allowed eventually, on two conditions;
1. That the Brexit negotiations with the EU have reached a point of no return,
2. That there is continuing evidence that it is the wish of a majority of Scots to hold another         referendum.

The economic arguments for independence are massively worse than they were even three years ago. The annual subsidy of the Scots by the rest of the UK [which enables the Scots to enjoy free NHS prescriptions and fees-free university education] would not be replaced by EU funding, as Scotland would place itself at the back of the queue of applicants to join the Union. The First Minister talks of retaining the pound; but the EU requires new members to be ready to join the Euro.

While Mr Juncker wants to punish the UK for daring to leave the EU, there is no way he can offer rewards [at the expense of all 27 remaining states in the Union] to a new applicant.

Scotland would lose out in many ways if it separates from the UK as the UK leaves the EU. This will become increasingly clear to the electorate, the longer Mrs May can defer the referendum.

Nicola Sturgeon knows that time is against her: hence she will agitate for a referendum on independence as soon as possible; before the enlightenment of the electorate reaches the point at which the sole objective of the Scottish National Party is recognised as a disastrous proposition.

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