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Friday, 3 March 2017

I have been off-air for many months, having worked on my last and definitive book on the failure of Economics.
I have banged-on about this for yonks: but now I think I can claim that a majority of the British people agree with me. The Remain campaign in the referendum last year relied heavily on the advice of Economists - who predicate disaster [with immediate effect] if the Brexit side won.

We all know what has happened.

Economists, and the politician mugs who are still conned by them, offer dire warnings about what will happen the day after tomorrow; while keeping stumm about why the worst didn't happen yesterday.

The politicians are still complacent about the overall state of the British economy, even though they now know that they have cut back the health service, the prison service, the police and most other local government-provided services to a level where they cannot function properly.

So, now I am back and will be blogging heavily.

David E Bland

Go to Amazon and look for "NO CONFIDENCE: The Brexit Vote and Economics"

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