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Saturday, 11 March 2017

Early news

Even before I got out of bed on this Saturday morning, I heard on the radio two pieces of evidence of the failure of government. The Environment Agency has been so far starved of resources that incidents of river pollution are not being followed-up, to the extent that some angling societies have ceased bothering to report them. More seriously, a prison was partially destroyed overnight by action of one drunken prisoner: that prison having been condemned by inspectors as 'in crisis' two years ago.

Every day there is evidence of the deterioration of environmental, social and public services due to the continuance by the May-Hammond government of the Cameron-Osborne cuts in public spending.

The fabric of society is being unpicked; and that will be followed by deterioration in the political fabric: all because of a misinformed fetish to 'eliminate the deficit' on state spending by continual cuts.

The only way soundly to support society - and thus retain support for the political class - is to raise the productiveness of the nation. This goes way beyond improving productivity, at which successive governments have failed. There is no more important point to get over to people than this, which is why it is so frequently the theme of this blog: as it is of my book: "NO CONFIDENCE: the Brexit Vote and Economics, by David Bland, to be obtained from Amazon."

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